With “Live with It”, Ralph Brandon conveys a powerful message with the lyrical focus of his song portraying the trying times we are living in and this pandemic that is before us. His lyrical prose is complimented by uplifting chords and a bright melody.  It’s a mix of country rock based in Irish and Celtic roots. Brandon’s vocals and rasp compliment the composition of the song and hit all the right notes in the right places. With a such a controversial or serious subject matter having an engaging tempo, uplifting course and bright melody are portrayed masterfully, and being self produced in a home studio one would never know it. -


"Pretty atmospheric sound going on here with a real vibe of The Pogues & The Levellers. I like the upbeat drum tempo, rich string arrangements and the vocal is effortlessly cool." - Playlist Boutique


The first thing that grabbed me is the insanely impressive violin strings and the raspy vocal take that could make or break this for any listener but reminds me of Tim Armstrong.  Lyrically the song is also punk rock in the way it contains contemporary cynicism that is considered the most modern form of English literature today.  The production is very raw and could be confused for a live performance.  Having been compared to artists such as The Pogues and the Water Boys by other press such as Playlist Boutique, Ralph Brandon makes quite the impression. - Ian McFarland "It's Not Records"